Announcing AirBase Cloud

January 13th, 2020

We're pleased to announce that AirBase Cloud is now available to all users. With AirBase Cloud, we will be able to offer the latest features and compatibility with new DJI models. We are offering a new Lite plan that will be free of charge to all users. AirBase Cloud will bring social sharing, new export formats and a much more affordable plan for professional users.

Why the change?

We've had a lot of great feedback from our users over the last two years. As a desktop application, we spent too much of our efforts in maintaining compatibility with the various platforms we supported, instead of adding the new features our users asked for. This made AirBase more expensive that we wanted and limited its appeal to users. AirBase Cloud allows us to develop one version for all users. This will speed up our development cycle and bring you the new features you want.

What will happen to AirBase Desktop?

AirBase Desktop will continue to function as normal, but will not receive future updates. We will not be offering new or renewal licences for AirBase Desktop and encourage all users to transition to AirBase Cloud as soon as possible. Current licence holders will receive support until the expiration of their licence term.

We understand that for a small number of users AirBase Desktop will continue to be the preferred solution. While there won't be any future updates to AirBase Desktop, those users are welcome to continue using the software for free.

Try AirBase Cloud now.