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About AirBase

What is AirBase?

AirBase is a desktop application that decrypts and analyses flight data from DJI's range of consumer and professional UAVs. AirBase is designed to be user-friendly and helps users to examine their UAVs flights in detail. It helps to diagnose errors and maximise the performance of your UAV. AirBase is developed with your data security in mind: all analysis is done inside the desktop application.

Update June 2019 AirBase is now available as a cloud-based application at

What platforms is AirBase available for?

AirBase is developed for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac platforms.

What are the minimum requirements for Windows?

You will require a minimum of 2GB RAM and 1GB of hard disk space.


How can I install AirBase?

You can download AirBase for Windows and Apple OSX from this website. Simply unzip the downloaded file, and double-click the installer to begin automatic installation. Windows users may need to provide an administrator password in order to complete installation. Apple OSX users should drag the application into the Applications folder to complete installation.

Using AirBase

What types of files are compatible with AirBase, and where can I find them?

AirBase will decrpyt and analyse any valid DJI UAV flight log produced by DJI's Go 4 mobile application. The instructions for accessing these log files depend on whether you are running DJI Go 4 on Apple iPhone or Google Android.


  1. Plug in your phone or tablet
  2. Open iTunes
  3. Scroll down to File Sharing
  4. Select the DJI GO App
  5. Highlight FlightRecords
  6. Scroll to the bottom and select “Save As”


  1. Plug in your phone or tablet
  2. Navigate to the dji.pilot/DJI/FlightRecords folder
  3. Select the flight log you would like to upload
  4. The file format should be: DJIFlightRecordxxxx-xx-xx[xx-xx-xx]

How I start analysis of my DJI flight?

With Airbase running, drag any valid DJI flight log file onto the application. This will import the flight log, and will begin the decryption process. Within a few moments, the decrypted flight will be opened on the analysis page. Here, you will be able to inspect all aspects of your flight.

How can I export my flight to Google Earth?

In order to view your flight in Google Earth, simply click the "Download KMZ" button located on the right side of the flight analysis page. Your browser will prompt you to save a file in .kmz format. You can then open this file in Google Earth. AirBase creates a KMZ file including altitude data.

How can I export my flight as a plain text log?

AirBase makes it easy to transform DJI's proprietary encrypted log format into a plain text CSV formatted log that can be used by a variety of applications. In order to export your flight in plain text CSV format, click the "Export CSV" button on the flight analysis page. Your browser will prompt you to save the file to a location of your choice on your computer.

How can I delete a flight from AirBase?

You can delete an individual flight by clicking the "Delete" button on the flight analysis page. You can re-import the deleted file at any point by supplying the original DJI flight log file.


How can I check my current licence?

You can see the status of your current licence from within any flight analysis page within AirBase Desktop application. Simply click on the "Licence details" link as in the screenshot. You will then see details of the licence including the licence key, the licence type, and the time remaining before expiry.

Other questions

Is a Linux version of AirBase planned?

No, we have no plans to develop AirBase for Linux platforms.

Does AirBase work with iPhone/Android?

AirBase does not currently work with mobile platforms.

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