Privacy Policy

In brief

AirBase is a desktop software for analysing and interacting with UAV flight data. Our platform is comprised of Services that include a website at ("The Website"), a dashboard application at ("The Dashboard"), and an installable desktop application for Windows and Apple OSX operating systems, which may be downloaded from ("The Application").

Our philosophy is one of friendliness, transparency, and responsibility, and we have designed our Services around these ideals. We hope that you enjoy using our Services, and that in building a platform that respects users, our users will in turn reciprocate that respect towards our Services.


The overall privacy mandate of AirBase is to never collect more data than we require to run our service, and for only as much time as we require it. Our mission is to provide you with high quality service, and to do so with minimal data collection, processing, or intrusion. We have no interest in any personal data or data generated by our users, other than what is necessary to deliver our services. We aim for full transparency on how we gather, use, and share your personal information and other data.

For each, we will outline the following:

  1. What kinds of data we collect, and how.
  2. What we use collected data for.
  3. What we won't use collected data for.
  4. What 3rd parties have access to collected data.
  5. How long collected data is retained.
  6. How you can remove data collected from you.

The Website.

What kinds of data we collect, and how.

The data we collect on The Website are for analytics purposes only. We use a 3rd party analytics tool for this purpose (Google Analytics).

What we use collected data for.

The only purpose of collecting server log data is to count visitors to The Website, and to count the number of times the Application is downloaded.

What we won't use collected data for.

We won't utilize collected data for any purpose except for what was described above. We also have no mechanisms in place for linking this data with any other datasets. Particularly, we have no way of associating IP address with user accounts of our dashboard or plugin. We also have no way of tracking users across websites, besides the "referer" HTTP header sent to us by your browser.

What 3rd parties have access to collected data.

Our visitor data is tracked by Google Analytics.

How long collected data is retained.

Access log files are automatically deleted after approximately 30 days. Our external analytics database is also purged every 12 months.

How you can remove data collected from you.

Unfortunately, your IP address and referer will tend to show up on server logs whenever you interact with any server (not just ours). However, there are steps you can take to prevent us from counting you:

You may turn on the "Do Not Track" setting in your browser, which we honor. You may utilize browser plugins to prevent your browser from making requests to our analytics software (Google Analytics).

The Dashboard.

What kinds of data we collect, and how.

We may in future offer social login options with Facebook, Twitter, and Google, as well as logging in via email. All login methods require collecting your email address and name. If using social login, we will receive this data from your 3rd party account (e.g. from your Facebook or Twitter account). If using email login, you will be asked to provide this data yourself.

Note that we do not collect or utilize any other 3rd party data, including your Facebook ID, Twitter ID, or Google ID. The only data we collect and utilize are your email address and name.

Before logging in, you may opt to uncheck "remember me", which discards your session if you close your browser. Keeping "remember me" checked allows us to save your login status into local storage.

Note, however, that the third party services that you may choose to log in with can utilize their own cookies or other mechanisms to save your login status on their domain, resulting in you not having to re-type your credentials. We do not have control over this, and normally this is the desired behavior, however we do offer the option to "re-authenticate", meaning we prompt third party login windows to allow you to re-enter your credentials.

What we use collected data for.

We use your email address to uniquely identify you, even across multiple login methods.

Secondly, we may associate your name, email address, and credit card information with a Stripe customer that we create to represent your user account in Stripe. Your email address may be used directly by Stripe when attempting to send you transactional emails about payment-related activity.

Thirdly, we use your email to send you transactional email via SparkPost or Firebase Auth, based on various explicit opt-in actions. For example, setting up a new project will prompt you to clearly mark which email notifications you wish to receive.

Fourthly, we use your name to refer to you whenever a name is required, either in emails or on The Dashboard front-end.

What we won't use collected data for.

We'll never send you any marketing emails or product announcements. We don't put your email address into any subscriber lists of any sort. The only emails we send are transactional in nature.

How long collected data is retained.

Since all of the data we collect is essential to The Dashboard's operation, we retain it all indefinitely, with the exception of Algolia comments, which have an expiration time of 90 days.

How you can remove data collected from you.

With the exception of your Stripe customer account, you are able to delete all of your data via The Dashboard. You may delete individual project data in each project's "danger zone", or you may delete your entire account and related data in the account section's "danger zone".

Note that deleting your dashboard account does not delete your plugin user account, which is separate.

The Application.

What kinds of data we collect, and how.

The Application uses the UAV data files that you supply in order to produce analysis for your use within the Application. The majority of this data is not transferred from the Application, so is not shared with any other party.

What 3rd parties have access to collected data.

However, in order to identify the UAV under analysis, certain data must be sent to our server. These include the UAV serial number and type. These data are not shared by us, and are used solely for linking your UAV to any licence you may have purchased from us.

We also use Google Maps within the Application in order to allow the location of your flights on a map. The approximate coordinates of your flight are used to serve the correct map tiles. No identifying data is passed to any third party, including Google.

How long collected data is retained.

Since all of the data we collect is essential to The Application's operation, it will be retained within the Application indefinitely, or until you uninstall the application.

How you can remove data collected from you.

You may delete your installation of the Application at any time. This will remove all stored data from your computer.

Other Items.

Our Services are offered worldwide, but our datacenter is located in the United States.

If you have a question about this Privacy Policy, please email us at